Accelerated Growth in Ecommerce 2021

The events of the last year have altered or sped up almost every facet of online retail. This has led to increases in work not just warehousing and delivering but also the rapid development of websites.

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What has the growth in online sales been during in the past year?

Some of the large retailers experienced a huge growth. Take for example B&Q at, they experienced a 117% jump in online sales during 2020. Then think about Screwfix who performed even better with a 146% increase.

The UK as a whole saw big growth from an overall 15.8% online share of retail sales to 23.3%. This includes record-breaking figures for the January sales as normally people are more restrained but due to the lockdown announcement for the new year many took the opportunity to purchase sales items online. As a result, UK online sales accounted for a record 35.2% of all retail in January 2021.

Will more shop online in the future?

Although many would still prefer to make purchases in bricks and mortar shops, the statistics show that 46% of UK consumers purchased a product online that they had previously only ever purchased in store. Now many have experienced this and begin to feel comfortable making more purchases online, there no doubt will be a more permanent shift in shopping habits. A recent article from reported:

Fifty-seven percent of respondents from households earning £96,000 or more per year agreed or strongly agreed that they are likely to spend a higher proportion of their income on retail products online than in store, even after the pandemic subsides. - Stats roundup: the impact of Covid-19 on ecommerce

Especially during the challenges of 2020, it has been ‘make or break’ for businesses to be able to trade online effectively. For businesses that previously only had brochure websites and were not operating ecommerce websites at all, many chose to use one of the various ecommerce platforms available. One such platform is Shopify and their Subscriptions Solutions revenue rose 53% in Q4 2020 alone. The ‘off the shelf’ type website solution has enabled businesses to put a shop together quickly and cost-effectively.

But is this the best long-term ecommerce strategy?

The answer very much depends. Depends on what? Websites can be likened to furniture. There are two options; quick to assemble flat pack furniture with a few colour and size options or bespoke furniture that is designed and made by a cabinet maker. Often the biggest factor is the cost. The same is true with the design and development of websites. The bespoke web design option maybe more expensive but it will always provide the best customer experience and make it easier to operate without ‘making things fit’ in to an ‘off the shelf’ package.

How to develop an effective ecommerce website?

At ZeroBlue DESIGN, we work with clients to provide the best solution for their website design and development based on requirements and budget.

If you would like to tap into the massive growth that is happening with online sales right now and would like an ecommerce website design consultation, please get in touch with us.


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